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Commercial promotion

Partners in Foreign Trade Affairs




The development of foreign trade, mainly for small and medium-sized companies, can be done as a catalytic element. PFTA is a network that will facilitate the identification of business partners in different continents.



PFTA is a network which provides information to European trading companies regarding possible partners abroad. Our services will include a wide variety of products, advisory services and trade arrangements among others.



In PFTA, you will find private and public institutions willing to carry on trading activities abroad. The concept, negotiation process, and implementation of the project can be improved gradually and selectively.

PFTA provides a wide range of information on projects and programs developed abroad (international bids, areas in the process of privatization, etc.).

PFTA helps identify potential partners and assist in developing proposals for the desired projects.The information found at this stage can be the starting point of negotiations. PFTA is networks that will assist companies establish contacts with official organizations abroad.





Geneva is a city which has the necessary international synergy to support this network. PFTA maintains contacts with international organizations such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United Nations Commission for Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the International Trade Center (ITC) and other official institutions in Switzerland linked to foreign trade.



PFTA will work closely with embassies, missions and consulates in Switzerland and will recruit the future foreign partners. Moreover, PFTA proposes cooperation with other international networks such as the UNCTAD « Trade Point », and European networks (AL-Invest, ECIP, Bolivar Program, etc.).


PFTA offices are located on the street  Cendrier, in the heart of Geneva.The building, of neo-classical style provides fully equipped and conformable offices. Last but not least, the view on the Lake Leman gives the charming note.






In choosing partners. The network members adjust their know-how to specific projects with a common interest.



In all its actions. Total independence in achieving its objectives.



In managing information and discretion in handling commercial exchanges and cooperation.



With associations, consultants, companies, financial institutions which dedicate their activities to developing the economic relations.


PFTA headquarters are located in Geneva and the network utilizes the talents and skills of professionals in economics, finance and international relations.

PFTA is a program developed within the Exchange and Cooperation Center for Latin America (ECCLA) and includes partnerships in different countries.


PFTA allows its members:

  • To have access to promotional tools and products intended for foreign markets.
  • To select their partners according to the particular characteristics of each company.
  • To have access to official foreign institutions and to have a better view of the targeted market evolution, together with updated economic and legal information.
  • To forecast the success of potential projects and evaluate the partners’ differing cultural characteristics.





1 The market exists and we select potential opportunities through our correspondent network in the different countries of Latin America.

2 Research the best markets for your own product, evaluating the targeted country and two secondary countries as well.

3 Research and identification of potential distributors.

4 Explanation and development of documentation in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

5 Mailing services to distribute proposals on projects.

6 Regular follow-up (by phone, by fax or E-mail).

7 Review of offers and responses regarding product, price, etc., if necessary.

8 Delivery of a definitive proposal.

9 Arrange organizational meetings.

10 Assisting for the company to evaluate the proposal.

11 Selection of a correspondent, either a distributor or importer.

12 Follow-up after the mission (project management and contract development).

13 Beforehand, defining different kinds of assistance required by the company.





PFTA will be funded by its partners. These contributions will allow PFTA to be functional and operational assuring low and competitive costs.




PFTA is, above all, a commercial and project funding network in Switzerland and abroad. This covers:

  • Promotional activities (supply/demand), the search for distributors, job hunting, and training. Further information concerning these services is available in the "Stock Market of Projects and Financing" and in,
  • different services (precise information concerning tax, legal and commercial issues, invitations to conferences, colloquiums)
  • information on new projects and funding possibilities
  • assistance to our public and private partners
  • use of installations in Geneva
  • Access to additional services at preferential rates




PFTA partners will be able to participate in different projects or programs developed by PFTA, such as:

  • the identification of potential partners by area of activity,
  • research on the commercial, financial and legal norms in specific countries,
  • studies of markets (import/export)
  • assistance with different international funding options :

- Multilateral organizations (IDB/World Bank)

- Export credit (framework, import, export)

- Systems AL-Invest, ECIP, etc.

  • organization of special events such as conferences, seminars, meetings, professional fairs, business trips, etc.,
  • representation in financial organizations, companies, international organizations,
  • publications in several languages,
  • advertising in newspapers and specialized magazines,
  • Contact with lawyers with expertise in contracts and international law.


If you are interested in our services to:

  • Look for partners for import/export commercial projects,
  • Advertise jobs or products
  • Find technical, financial or legal solutions in Europe and abroad,
  • Have representative in Switzerland
  • Be our correspondent.



Please contact us :


Headquarters: 12- 14, rue du Cendrier- 1211 Genève 1 - Switzerland

Mail Address: P.O. Box 1229 

Téléphone +41 022 - 320 35 56 - Fax + 41 022 329 29 05




ECCLA offers this free of charge service to all individual and/or legal entities who wish to count on a consultant's office in anyone of the subjects non included in PFTA program.

The applicant must fulfil the following conditions:

  1. To reside in one of the countries of Latin America.
  2. To raise precise questions (international cooperation, international relations, human rights, etc.).
  3. To accept that the information provided by ECCLA are referential.
  4. To keep confidentiality from the received information and not to commercialize them.
  5. To collaborate with the projects made by ECCLA in Latin America.
  6. To provide true information on the personal identity.





12-14, Rue du Cendrier
CH 1201 Geneva – Switzerland
P.O. Box 1229
CH 1211 Geneva 1 – Switzerland
Tel+(4122) 3203556
Tel +(4179) 4199136
Fax +(4122) 3292905



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